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Substation explosion in Yorkshire


Witnesses say they thought there was thunder before seeing sparks and flames after a substation burst into flames.

08:18, UK,Tuesday 06 March 2018


The substation in Saltburn exploded just before 7pm on Monday. Pic: Johanna Parks
Image: The substation in Saltburn exploded just before 7pm on Monday. Pic: Johanna Parks

    An explosion which sent a stream of flames into the air left 22,000 homes without power.


    The blast happened after a substation in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, burst into flames just before 7am on Monday.

    Witnesses said they heard a loud bang and saw flames, sparks and smoke pouring out of the station in Windsor Road.

    As it happened the area was plunged into darkness as all electricity was cut off to homes and businesses in the seaside resort near Redcar.

    Homes in Redcar, Teeside and Hartlepool were also affected.

    Tereena Haddow, who runs Saltburn Vets just metres away from the substation, ran outside and filmed the sparking building as plumes of smoke flew from it.

    She told the GazetteLive: "We thought it was thunder at first. My husband came in though and said we better leave.

    "Everyone is stood around stunned and people can't see. The buses were stopped and nothing is coming in and out of Saltburn.

    "This isn't what you expect on a Monday evening."


    Johanna Parks told The Northern Echo: "There seemed to be two loud bangs, then loads of smoke billowing.

    "There were lots of bursts of flames at first, then a long stream of fire."

    Emergency services rushed to the scene and fire crews managed to quickly put the blaze out.

    Cleveland Fire Brigade, which is staffed by volunteers, said it was called to the incident.

    "Following a power surge, there was an explosion in an electrical box," a spokesman said.

    He added that an underground cable may have caused the explosion.

    Northern Powergrid said engineers managed to restore the power supply to most people by 8.30pm and all customers by 11.30pm.

    No injuries were reported.

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