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Guilty verdicts on bouncy castle operators - 7 yr old girl died when it blew away


Bouncy Castle trial: Two guilty over girl's death

  • 9th May 2018
Summer GrantImage copyright Family photo
Image caption Summer Grant died when the bouncy castle blew away while she was still inside

Two fairground workers have been found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence after a bouncy castle blew away with a young girl still inside.

Summer Grant, seven, died in hospital after she was rescued from the inflatable in Harlow, Essex, on 26 March 2016.

William Thurston, 29, and his wife Shelby, 26, failed to ensure the bouncy castle was "adequately anchored" to the ground, the court heard.

They will be sentenced in June.

The three-week trial heard Summer only had "a few minutes" left of her turn on the bouncy castle, but Mrs Thurston said she decided to "let them finish their go" before taking the inflatable down.

Prosecutor Tracy Ayling QC said: "While Summer was in the bouncy castle, it blew away from its moorings and bounced 300 metres down a hill. Having hit a tree, it came to rest."

She said the Thurstons, of Whitecross Road, Wilburton, Cambridgeshire, didn't monitor weather conditions to ensure it was safe to use on the day.

Summer suffered "multiple traumatic injuries to the head, neck and chest" and died later in hospital.

The couple were also convicted of health and safety breaches at Chelmsford Crown Court.


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