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George Clooney thrown from motorbike in collision with car



George Clooney accident – Granddad involved in crash reveals shock at seeing Hollywood star flung into the air

CCTV footage showed Clooney, 57, being thrown into the air after the front-on collision with Antonello Viglino's car

THE driver who crashed into George Clooney in Sardinia yesterday has revealed his shock at finding out he'd ploughed into the Hollywood heartthrob.

CCTV footage showed the actor, 57, being flung into the air after a front-on collision with a Mercedes being driven by plumber Antonello Viglino.

 CCTV footage shows the moment George Clooney collided head-on with a Mercedes in Sardinia
Corriere della Sera

CCTV footage shows the moment George Clooney collided head-on with a Mercedes in Sardinia


The actor was driving from his home in Puntaldia to a film set in Olbia, on the north-east coast, when the grandfather veered into oncoming traffic.

Clooney's helmet shattered as he smashed against the car's windshield at around 60mph and flipped over the handlebars before crashing to the ground.

Miglino, 65, has now told of how the Oscar winner's bodyguards told him: "You hit Clooney!"

"Clooney, the actor, the one who shoots the film at the airport?" replied Miglino who was apparently trying to turn into a residential compound.

"I didn't see anything, I had the sun on my eyes. I was about to turn, I just got over the line."

The elderly man slumped onto a nearby wall in shock when reality slowly set in, MailOnline reported.

He apparently asked if he could visit the Ocean's 11 star at John Paul II hospital but an ambulance had already taken him away.

Clooney's spokesman Stan Rosenfield  has since said: "He is recovering at his home and will be fine."


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