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Water feature that cost £1m bricked up ‘due to people staring at phones and falling in’


A Water feature that cost £1m bricked up ‘due to people staring at phones and falling in’ Kate BuckThursday 21 Jun 2018

 A £1 million water feature has been bricked up after commuters kept falling into it because they were staring at their phones. The Rill, a 260-metre open channel of flowing water, has linked Tower Bridge with London Bridge Station since the early 2000s. But drastic action was taken over fears that commuters had started tripping over the feature while texting, listening to music and making calls. After having been here for most of the millennium,

The Rill is no more. Signs were erected at the beginning of the month explaining that ‘essential maintenance’ was taking place, while the water feature was fenced off, drained and filled in.

It was reportedly filled in because they owners of the feature were worried about potential lawsuits. Writing on A London Blog, one fan of the feature said it was ‘now seen as a health and safety risk as people constantly slip into it and there must have been a number of minor injuries.’

They added: ‘There have been no major incidents the staff tell me, but all the same, it is being removed. But now it has been bricked up to save anyone from falling in  I suppose management (or perhaps the insurers of the development for all we know) decided the feature was no longer sustainable

‘It’s a shame really as it was a nice water feature, some will think it’s health and safety gone mad. ‘Well it had a run of sixteen years which is good considering it was even approved in the first place!’ An unnamed security guard said he had received many complaints from passers-by about its closure.

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