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McDonald's worker in Kansas puts cleaning fluid into Police Officers drink

McDonald's worker puts cleaning fluid into Police Officers drink

Police have launched an investigation into a McDonald’s restaurant in Iola, Kansas after an Allen County Sheriff’s Office deputy was given a drink containing a peroxide-based cleaner.

Trevor J Hockaday, a 22-year-old McDonald’s employee, was arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery against a police officer after his coworkers told investigators he added “four little squirts” of a peroxide-based cleaner to the deputy’s drink order last month. Mr Hockaday, who may face felony charges, has reportedly been suspended as McDonald’s conducts its own investigation into the matter, according to a spokesperson.


Allen County Sheriff Bryan Murphy said the incident has shaken officers throughout the small Kansas city, who now have “concern” over whether their food is safe. 

In a statement, the owner of the Iola McDonald’s Glen Nichols expressed regret over the allegations against Mr Hockaday, who he described as a “former crew member,” and said food safety was a top priority for the local eatery. 

“In our restaurants, nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our customers,” he said. “We are very disappointed by the allegations made regarding the behaviour of one of our former crew members. This kind of behaviour goes against our food safety standards and is not tolerated. Our organisation will take all appropriate measures to gather facts and will work closely with authorities in their investigation.”

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