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Jail for Company Director of bacteria infected product

Jail for Company Director

A company director has been sent to jail after a pump spray he concocted led to dozens of people developing serious bacterial infections.

More than 160 victims, including children, suffered abscesses or infections due to a bacteria found in the aftercare saline product used on fresh piercings.

Some suffered lasting disfigurement.

Nottingham businessman Maninder Singh Sagoo was sentenced to nine months in prison at Nottingham Crown Court today (Friday, November 30) and his limited company, Lion Care Products, which supplied the product directly to piercing businesses, was fined £15,000.

He pleaded guilty to eight offences under the Cosmetic Product Enforcement Regulations 2013.

Heartbreaking statements from victims were read out in court from some of the innocent people who had used his aftercare solution on fresh piercings.

The case has led to many seeking compensation - more than £124,000 has been shelled out so far.


One pregnant woman spent ten days in hospital with an infection after an ear piercing.

"The pain she suffered was horrendous," said prosecutor Tony Stanford.


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