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Cafe owner fined for toilet access being over a sloping roof !


A Beeston cafe owner was fined after the only way to get to the first floor toilet was up a flight of unsafe steps and across a sloped roof.

Ali Shirzad, 40, owner of Beeston Break, in Wollaton Road, carried out internal work in 2011.

This resulted in the only access point to the first floor toilet and changing facilities being from an external yard by climbing up some steps that were deemed unsafe, and then climbing onto and walking across a sloped roof.

The steps had no hand rail or fall protection and were not fixed securely.

The roof was in a poor state, was sloping and slippery, had no edge or fall protection and could not be demonstrated as being strong enough to take the weight of a person.

In August 2011, Broxtowe Borough Council chiefs issued a notice to Shirzad prohibiting entry to and from the first floor premises as the access point was deemed to pose a risk of serious injury.


However, evidence emerged Shirzad, of Station Road, Beeston, breached the notice on several occasions between March 2, 2018, June 12 that year, putting himself and others at risk.


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