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School Bus Crash just weeks after safety inspections cut to reduce costs
 Safety checks abandoned just weeks before school bus crash in 'cost cutting efforts'A Sunday Mail investigation found that routine six-monthly check-ups were abandoned in favour of "cheaper" random ­roadside checks.ByLynn McPherson from:...
Co Tyrone school bus crashes into car and flips into field - No serious injuries! (Seat belts work!)
 Co Tyrone school bus crash: Narrow country road 'was scene of pandemonium'The wreckage of the car and bus yesterdayBy Adrian Rutherford – 23 September 2014Slumped in a field, surrounded by broken glass and twisted metal, it is a terrifying glimpse of how a journey to school...
School bus overturns in Downpatrick - Northern Ireland
 26 February 2013 from: bus overturns in Downpatrick - Northern Ireland The bus overturned after a collision with a van  A school bus carrying 13 special needs pupils has overturned near Downpatrick, police have...
School bus crashes into railroad bridge in Indianapolis killing driver and student
from: -- A deadly bus crash is prompting new warnings to prevent possible hazards on school bus routes.A driver and a student were killed Monday when a charter school bus crashed into a railroad bridge.The cause of the crash is...
School bus drivers union says NYC pits safety vs savings
 School bus drivers union says NYC pits safety vs savingsASSOCIATED PRESSLast Updated: 2:13 PM, December 6, 2011Posted: 2:09 PM, December 6, 2011  New York City school bus drivers say that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s warning that they might strike any day was a false alarm.The...
Scool bus standards in NJ
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