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This is the place where you can find the information posted by experts and contributors.


The summaries should help with the basic information and the link will connect you with the detailed information.  Each page has hyperlinks in the text; just hover your mouse over the text to see the links and click.


We hope that this way, you should be able to access the most up to date information directly rather than wondering if we've updated information such as new regulations or standards. We aim to provide the most up to date, useful and appropriate information for as many people as possible. We can't however,know if the information is perfect for your situation. If you need more help or advise, you could raise your question on the discussion forum and we'll see what we can do. You will need to be registered to post information on the Forums.  Registration is free, can be anonymous and we never let anyone else see your e-mail address.


Our aim is that this should be an international resource, after all safety issues affect everyone around the world.  We have started with UK and USA information but will build the resource as time goes on.


If there is information you feel would be useful to other users, please email a link to


If you wish to comment on the information provided or ask us to add other topic areas, please contact us and we'll try to help.  Not all the topics are populated - but we're working on it!


One tip; if you are looking for legislation, statutes or code, look under legislation as we try not to duplicate links under topic headings.  Topic specific standards will appear under the topic page.


Thank you.